Bachelors of Architecture (Five year programme)


Architecture is concerned with understanding about the interaction between technology, design, society and the built environment. You will develop analytical and creativity skills and spatial aptitude. The bachelor's degree programme in Architecture covers a broad range of topics, introducing you to different professional fields. 

What sets students of architecture apart?

There is increasing recognition of architecture as one of the top intellectual disciplines, an art form, and a technical profession intimately linked with the single largest sector of investment in the economy. Architects are called upon to design and execute building projects and resolve other issues related to the manmade environment in a variety of settings. Bachelor of Architecture programme aims at attaining a high level of contextual excellence in architectural design. Both theory and studio exercises are viewed as the core of the programme with crucial inputs being provided by experts specializing in the fields of arts, humanities, engineering and technology, and professional practice of architecture.

The five year course is divided wherein the first stage consists of three years of full time study followed by practical training in professional offices or at construction sites for 16 weeks. The second stage consists of full time study for 2 years, whereby each student is required to write a research based dissertation, prepare for a seminar and next consecutive semester present a design thesis along with the advanced level of compulsory and elective theory courses.



Bachelors of Architecture (Five year programme)

Admission Procedure

Bachelors of Architecture - Admission Procedure